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2012-366 Day 265 – Pictures VI

Yup, I’ve collected enough pictures for another post. I really am considering doing a picture a day next year. Then again, it might be harder to find interesting ones rather than just letting them come to me. Oh well, let’s get to it.

They did it again, this time one crosswalk up from the first one at CSUN (I’ve also seen it at Pepperdine). I want to know who drives around in their car with wing stickers and tiny Red Bull cans. The little cans have barely lasted a day, I’m surprised I noticed them that quickly in both instances at CSUN (or maybe that’s what caught my eye). Either way, it amuses me every time. Maybe next time I’ll try to snag the can.

A little bit of confusion from Uverse. I wasn’t aware they had moved Sundays to Wednesday night. Having your opening day on Wednesday when you are a Th/Sun/Mon sport is awkward.

I both question this product’s need to exist and deeply want it. The perils of being a practical nerd gamer.

Okay, this sign all sorts of sucks. It’s in the front door of the Rite Aid, and it’s been there for a couple weeks now. It can’t be an awesome feeling for the current employees everyday, and you have to really need it to apply to be one of the “temporary” employees. Seems like a crummy thing for the management to do. I have no idea what the actual situation is here, but the sign made me do a double take the first time I walked by.

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