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2012-366 Day 26 – Teaching

So tomorrow at 8 a.m. I get to begin my third semester of shaping America’s college students. Have to be careful what I say, though, as last semester one of the students actually found this blog (obviously before I was doing the 2012-366 series). Actually, I’m not worried, as I always obey the number one rule of the internet: If you don’t want other people to know about it, don’t put it online (Anywhere! E-mails, IM, texts, someone else always has access to all of it).

I really enjoy teaching, as it combines two of my strengths (extemporaneous speaking and enlightening people). Long term I could see myself becoming a full time professor (or, maybe, a high school teacher, but that’s as far down as I’m willing to go). That would require me getting my doctorate though, and committing that much time and finances (I’m a little allergic to paying for school) at this point isn’t happening. I’m very happy to be teaching my one class a semester at this point, even if they keep moving it up in the day on Friday (my first semester I was originally offered the choice between an 8 a.m. session and a 12 p.m. session and of course picked the 12 p.m. session. The second semester they offered only one session that started at 11 a.m., and this semester there’s only one session starting at 8 a.m., so I guess I got there eventually). Seeing as a month ago it wasn’t even certain they’d be offering the class I teach, I’m certainly not going to complain (any more than I have here).

As I’ve mentioned before, teaching does play to my strengths. It certainly helps that, for whatever reason, I have absolutely NO problem talking in front of groups (although I suppose that’s pretty much a pre-requisite for teachers in general). Another thing that makes the current class I teach entertaining is the subject matter: basically an upper division introduction to computers. A subject that I know so well, it is extremely easy for me cover any topic in the class in any depth, depending on the questions thrown at me. When I taught some programming classes at CoC, there were occasions where someone would ask a questions and we’d have to go look it up together, as I was switching between languages at the time and some programming information is just obscure (not that there’s anything wrong with admitting you don’t know everything, I know I certainly don’t, but it does break up the class flow a little bit). The current difficulty is remembering what stories I’ve told to what class over the past year.

I have a bit of preparation left to do, so I’ll leave this here (I’m sure I’ll come back to it in the future). In short, very much looking forward to another great semester!

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