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2012-366 Day 259 – Weekend Wrap Up XIX

I can’t believe we’re already on the nineteenth edition of these weekend updates. I didn’t think I had started these Wrap Ups early enough in the year to get this far, but apparently I have no concept of time. There were quite a few longer posts this week, so the updates may be quick.

Sunday (9/9) – Disneyland III: Was this only a week ago? Wow, this was a long week. We have at least two more trips tentatively planned before the end of the year, so there will be a couple more Disneyland updates.

Monday (9/10) – Random Topics: Let’s see. Got my Green belt, check. Got my Disneyland Half Marathon time entered in the system so that I’m no longer apparently lost in Anaheim, check. Wrote the post I thought of (the football one, a couple days later), check. That was a pretty productive random post.

Tuesday (9/11) – September 11th: I was pretty happy with this post, and feel really strongly about everything in it.

Wednesday (9/12) – Football: I can’t even find UCLA on the TV today, so I guess that decision can sometimes be taken care of for me.

Thursday (9/13) – Fellow 2012-366ers III: I did enjoy catching up with the other projects, and am very curious how things will go at the end of the year.

Friday (9/14) – Disneyland Half Marathon Pictures: Now that I’ve officially finished (in 2:59:08), I suppose I should start thinking about the next one. It should be very interesting, considering it is Halloween themed. Any costume suggestions?

Weight: 227 Loss: 13 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 291.7 miles
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