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2012-366 Day 258 – Disneyland Half Marathon Pictures

Oops, going back through my phone I realized I took some pictures at the race and haven’t shared them yet. Seeing as it’s late anyway, now seems like a perfect time to share them. They’re all from before the race since I was a little busy during.

Our first glance of the teeming mass of humanity that was the starting line (well, technically we had already been in a smaller line of a thousand people, but this was the really big one).

The starting line was on the other side of the Downtown Disney sign, which was the opposite direction of the last picture. I really can’t stress how many people there were there. It was a lot.

You know, all of these people.

All right, this sunrise thing is pretty nice, but I’m still not getting up for them on a regular basis. This was the view from the end of the line, on top of the Disneyland Drive bridge that is South of Ball Road.

Not that the moon had given up quite yet. Right after I took this picture, we started moving up to the start (which was about a quarter of a mile away), so I put my phone away and got to the running thing.

Slow internet connection/computer made this take far longer than it should have. Grr.

Weight: 227 Loss: 13 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 291.7 miles
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