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2012-366 Day 257 – Fellow 2012-366er’s III

Well, we’re over two-thirds of the way into the year and largely on track, let’s check back in with our fellow year long experiments. You can look back at the first installment here, and the first check-in here. Again, we won’t be revisiting anyone who went R.I.P. last time unless they have restarted or updated in some way.

Angela H’s Leap Year 2012 – 366 Review Challenge on Yelp
Status: Current through today
Comments: Who knew there were so many different things around Atlanta? The majority of reviews are restaurants, but there are parks, libraries, outlet centers, and even events thrown in as well. Very impressive, and I probably would have followed this more closely had she been based out of L.A.

366 Days of Photos by Clare
Status: Last update September 9th (4 days ago)
Comments: Uh oh, danger Will Robinson! Maybe the owner is on vacation or sick. Looking back at previous posts, the one on August 28th indicates she had tonsillitis and was back dating some posts, so it may be a flare up of that. I’ve been blessed with good health, you certainly can’t blame someone for slowing down on a project like this when things like tonsillitis hit. Hope all is well for them, and we’ll check back on them next time.

2012 – 366 Games in 366 Days
Status: Behind schedule
Comments: When we last checked in, the author was at 94 games in 123 days (76.4%). Today he is at 202 games in 256 days (78.9%) and has been playing so often that he’s foregone descriptions on the last ten or so games for the moment. It will still be tough for him to achieve his goal, but perhaps he’ll be able to host some sort of holiday game blitzkrieg to push himself over the top at the end. I’ll be rooting for him.

Venomator’s 366 Project – 2012
Status: Current through today
Comments: Looks like all is well for this poster, and combing back through the message board yields some pretty cool images. Looks like he shook some of the boredom by changing up cameras and editing programs (listed with each picture).

2012: 366 Day Challenge on Yelp
Status: Last Updated September 10th (3 days ago)
Comments: Uh oh, hope I’m not some kind of curse. I didn’t look ahead before picking today to check up on these blogs, so I’m finding this out as I type it, but that’s two that have not have updates in the past half a week. Interesting timing to say the least. Another one to check back on at the end of the year.

366 Page Comic Challenge
Status: R.I.P. 6/26/12
Comments: Finally petered out after several format changes, I’m impressed this one made it as long as it did due to the large amount of work that had to go into each day (well, maybe not the last set which just involved adding scripts to a pre-made cartoon). Congrats on making it over half a year!

Last time I found a couple new blogs and noted that one of my pages could be found on page 6 of Google if you searched “2012-366”. I checked again, and now the category page shows up as the eighth result on the first page! And I found a new page that I’ll add to the end which may be of particular interest to a certain subset of my audience (::cough:: “women . . . er, people on Pinterest” ::cough::)

2012 366 Project
Status: Current through yesterday
Comments: Still going. I much prefer the first photoblog’s setup, though this one and the message board are equally annoying. I’d look at more of the pictures if I didn’t have to click each one individually.

Hungry Girl por Vida
Status: R.I.P. 7/22/12
Comments: Even by veering away from the original food theme, they apparently couldn’t find enough to keep going. Too bad, because they had a unique setup that seemed pretty fun.

And now the newbie:
2012/366 Pinterest Board
Status: Current through yesterday
Comments: I don’t know that I would have thought to look on Pinterest originally, and I only found this one because it was on the second page of Google results when I checked for my little factoid above. Pinterest does not make following the pins in order easy, but the author helped by dating everything. Seems like a great idea for those who love Pinterest, I know several people (::cough::) who could easily do this. (My primitive Pinterest searching skills did unearth several others that R.I.P.ed fairly early and one other one that was current through a week ago.)

That was fun as usual. Still surprised that I’m the only one I can find doing something written like this (I keep stumbling over photo blogs I didn’t find before, like this one). Of course this probably means I’ll find a dozen when I check in at the end of the year. I only intend to do one more pass at the end of December, we’ll see who makes it all the way with me.

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