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2012-366 Day 250 – Trifecta

I call it the Trifecta, and it seems to be pretty rare around these parts (CSUN). One accomplishes the Trifecta by being a staff member, faculty member, and student all at the same time (and, since I’m making up the rules here, all at the same school). The last time I accomplished this I was a grad student teaching the labs for an introduction to Java programming, taking classes towards my MS, and working as a casual worker in Education (which meant I worked hourly instead of having a full-time job). What a difference eight years makes, huh? I’m now teaching the upper division introduction to computers class, taking a health and wellness class (mainly so I have access to the student gym and can run on the indoor track when it’s hot, but hey, if it get’s me some time in the weight room too, good for me), and have my full time job as a second level IT guy in Admissions and Records. It also means that my management page in the campus web system has A LOT of different tabs on it. I enjoy, and even take pride in, being involved in multiple facets at the school.

Going back to yesterday, I forgot an additional Softball related item. I have once again been recruited to play for the Psychology department (after they apparently acquired a “Spousal Ringer Exception” on my behalf) when they play one of the other departments in the upcoming weeks. We actually have a practice scheduled for this Saturday (how fancy). Looks like I’ll get to knock the rust off sooner than later.

Speaking of my health and fitness class, I have to go run a mile for time (actually a mile and a half) for the first time since high school today. Going to be a bit warm and humid, but we’ll see if I can’t break a nine minute mile (I was around the eight minute mark on my fast runs the last time I did a half-marathon three years ago, hopefully I can get back down there). Some of you might remember a couple months ago that this class was supposed to be forensic anthropology. That got scuttled when we got the syllabus from the professor a week beforehand and the class featured a major public speaking component. Not a worry for me, but not something that the person taking the class with me wanted to do, so we both ducked out. I’m actually happier with how it turned out, and I’m looking forward to seeing results.

Huh, there you go, a Trifecta topic with three topics inside it (this doesn’t count). Sometimes it must actually seem like I know what I’m doing.

Weight: 228 Loss: 12 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 278.7 miles (+1.5 miles)
Fitocracy Level: 25 ID: disciplev1

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