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2012-366 Day 247 – Karate VI

Okay, owwwww. Not sure what I did yesterday that ticked off my hips so much (you know, other than run the half-marathon. I mean what did I do specifically?), but wow, are they sore. Been lying around a lot since we got home, although did go out to lunch and shopping today, so I’m still functional. I don’t remember being this sore before, although I’m sure I was.

What does that have to do with karate, you ask? Well, starting with this belt, we have to write an essay to go with our belt test. While some people might be intimidated by that assignment, one should probably gather by now that I’m okay with writing (yeah, just a little bit). So I got to flex my essay muscles (haven’t used those in a long time) on the topic of “What Qualities Should a Black Belt Have?” And of course I’m going to inflict it on you, because my brain is fried like the rest of my body. Enjoy.

A black belt does not come from a singular mold, nor does each black belt share exactly the same qualities. While it would be easy just to recite the tenets of Respect, Integrity, Self-control, Effort, Unity, and Perseverance, two qualities are more prominent in the black belt’s repertoire. Perseverance and self-control are crucial aspects for a successful black belt.

Perseverance is pervasive in a black belt, having followed them throughout the course of their training. Several years of study must be completed before obtaining their black belt, which is a symbol of constant evaluation, by both themselves and others, correction of a myriad of details, from significant to miniscule, and repetition of every maneuver, form, and one step. Persevering through this volume of work is essential in making the black belt perform at their best.

Self-control is another quality of the black belt that stands apart, as it ensures they use their abilities appropriately and for the benefit of themselves and others. Having learned many dangerous techniques, it is only through the proper application that the black belt shows they are worthy of their training. By using discernment, self-control shows the true heart and dedication of a black belt.

It is these two characteristics that are hallmarks of a great black belt, and they should be inculcated in all who walk through the doors of any serious martial arts studio. A true black belt will be honored for their perseverance and respected for their self-control. Together they form a strong core of success.

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