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2012-366 Day 245 – Resolution Update

Starting September with a half marathon, so that’s something. Let’s see where the resolutions be at.

1) One blog post (long or short) every day this year. – Just past the two thirds mark and looking good. – On track.

2) Lose 20 pounds. – Back on track, keeping better track of what I eat and the half marathon ought to be a nice jump start. – On track.

3) Run 600 miles. – Not going to happen. The heat and business killed most of my long runs this last month, and not enough time left to make it up. I’ll try to break 400. – Behind.

4) Complete 5th Gup Green belt test by end of year. – 6th Gup test is in a week, so we’re doing well. – On track.

5) Complete first novel. – Not going to happen. – Behind.

Have to get up very early tomorrow, so I should think about going to bed.

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  1. M said

    Here’s a reasonable excuse: I’m sure there are established writers who couldn’t handle a daily blog post and the rigors of a novel simultaneously. I think you are doing pretty well with the time you have!

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