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2012-366 Day 244 – Teaching IV

Well, here we are at the two-third’s mark of the year, hard to believe. Nice that it comes on the Friday of a three day weekend, but it’s going to be a crazy one with the Disneyland Half-Marathon in the middle. We’ll see what happens, although I am already trying to convince myself not to worry about my time (the heat messing with my training schedule and being sick this week have pretty much assured me that I’m only in this to finish, not beat my PR). Oh yeah, and I started teaching my class again today.

This class is stacking up to be my biggest yet, since enrollment limits have been lifted. It will only be by one or two people, but we’re also in a smaller classroom than last semester, so things seem a little tight (and warm today, I had to call PPM about the air). The class is slowly “getting” me, and I got a few bits of laughter out of them today. I am really tired now, though, definitely think that was an artifact of being sick all week and then having to put out all that energy teaching. That aside, however, I’m looking forward to teaching the class again and, since I have an updated version of the book now, I am also looking forward to expanding and experimenting with the class more. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Weight: 228 Loss: 12 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 262.1 miles
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