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2012-366 Day 240 – Allergies

I looked back in the archives to see if I had mentioned anything about developing allergies in the last few years and found out that on Day 79 (well, technically Day 78’s night) I wasn’t able to sleep due to the onset of allergy symptoms. Sadly that’s exactly what happened again last night and while last time I got to stay home and keep tabs on the guy painting our condo, today I had to go into work for the first day of the semester. It’s been a pretty brutal day, and my head is full and icky.

I’ve only recently admitted to having allergies (it didn’t help that their onset occurred right around the time I had neck and shoulder issues), and I feel bad for people who have had them their whole lives. I don’t even know what I’m allergic to (although it seems to follow a Spring then Fall cycle so far, so something that is airborne then), I suppose I should find out sometime. I’m also against medication unless strictly necessary (just a personal thing, figure I can tough it out), and I’ve heard all the stories which sometimes make allergy medicine sound worse than the symptoms.

Anyhow, I’m going to stop complaining about allergies and just go back to suffering with them.

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  1. Mom said

    Remember to tell me your symptoms, Matt. I may have suggestions for you.

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