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2012-366 Day 238 – Weekend Wrap Up XVII

Wow, it’s been a while since the last Wrap Up. I suppose that’s good, since it means I’ve been busy on the weekends, but then again maybe not since it means I’ve been busy through the whole week. Today has been great, a good workout at Tang Soo Do, working on preparing for my class, and some celebratory dining for our friend who passed a CPA test (I’m not sure which one, but the big one). Since I have some time now, and a lot to catch up on, let’s get to the Wrap Up.

Sunday (7/29) – Volleyball Game 7: Only two more games until playoffs, and we’re sitting in second place. Tomorrow’s game is against the fourth place team, and should be a challenging one. It’s also a special match, because it’s against the team I have dubbed the “Karate” team, since it is lead by the head instructor where I take Tang Soo Do and features five people connected to the studio. It should be fun.

Sunday (8/5) – Volleyball Game 8: I’m not sure what happened starting with this game, but it wound up that we didn’t even win a game, let alone a match for the rest of the season. Our only win after I missed a week for vacation came via a forfeit, so, sorry Jess, I guess I can never go on vacation again. Or we could just chalk it up to bad timing and a seriously back-loaded schedule with respect to difficulty. Nah, it had to have been the vacation.

Monday (8/6) – The Heat: The heatwave for the past couple weeks was very uncomfortable, but it’s been nice the last couple of days. Isn’t it riveting when I talk about the weather in the blog? Yeah, you’re right, I suppose I should move on.

Tuesday (8/7) – Hacking: Stephen posted a link to a great xkcd comic in the comments that does contradict me a little bit (and is correct in doing so) pointing out that adding characters is the easiest way to defeat brute force computational hacking, so a string of four random words strung together is usually pretty easy to remember (if you construct a good mnemonic) and very secure. The symbolic replacement I discuss is still good, particularly if you have shorter passwords that you want to make stronger (and some systems have upper bounds on the number of characters a password can contain).

Wednesday (8/8) – Olympics: The Olympics were a blast, but I am glad that they only come around every two years (counting the Winter version). I’m pretty sure I would burn out on them pretty quick if they were happening all the time. Now if we could just figure out a way to get baseball back in there.

Thursday (8/9) – Indoor Running: The gym was closed last week for maintenance and training before the new semester starts, so I wasn’t able to use my track. I was surprised how much I missed it, but also surprised at my body’s reaction from the break. Apparently I needed it, because I actually feel stronger after this week and a reduced training intensity. I have to remember to rest sometimes.

Friday (8/10) – The Wall: Speaking of a break, I didn’t get one at work, but, again, tapering off my athletic activities last week did seem to help (I suppose actually getting something resembling 8 hours of sleep last night and not having to work this morning helped too).

Saturday (8/11) – Late Brain Dump: I really should have a standardized way to deal with several small topics in the same post, as that might make my life easier some days. I don’t think Brain Dump is the title I’m going to stick with, though. Then again, I’ve made it almost two thirds of the way without one, so maybe we’ll keep it on the shelf.

Sunday (8/12) – Volleyball Game 9: One more weekend of Volleyball, then a couple weeks off before my favorite season begins. That’s right, Softball is scheduled to start on September 16th, with perhaps a warm-up day before that. I will continue my quest for my first over-the-fence home run (I’ve hit a few inside-the-parkers), but will probably end up remaining the spray hitter we all know and love (except the opposing pitchers when I line it back up the middle).

Monday (8/13) – Karate IV: We’re a couple weeks away from my next test, and I’m feeling both very confident and simultaneously under-prepared. It’s probably due to my uneven training schedule these last two months, but I’m certain I’ll nail it down in the next two weeks. Also thankful that Labor Day pushed the test back a week.

Tuesday (8/14) – Work V: I’m going to retain my policy of not commenting on work on the weekend (or, if I didn’t have one, I do now).

Wednesday (8/15) – Blank:

Thursday (8/16) – 2012 Movies I: This was my longest tenured draft, as I started writing it a few months ago and then realized I hadn’t seen enough movies yet. So I left the list in there and then came back to it when I’d seen a few more. Was tempted to go see Spider-man today (it’s still going at the Winnetka 20), but decided to be productive instead.

Friday (8/17) – Classy: Like I said, music’s effect has always fascinated me and certainly agree with Cathy’s comment. Probably why I have such a large collection, I like to have the right song for the right situation. Speaking of which, very much looking forward to the new TobyMac album coming out Tuesday.

Saturday (8/18) – Knott’s Berry Farm: Has it been a week already? It’s funny that we went for Jess’ birthday, but her actually birthday is tomorrow (8/26). Ah, adult scheduling responsibilities and the new semester, I think she made a wise call.

Sunday (8/19) – Volleyball Playoffs: ::sniff:: I’ll be okay. (I’m being over-dramatic here, I’m fine.)

Monday (8/20) – Lazy: Interesting that I haven’t had much chance to be lazy after this post. Today was my first real test and I’m glad that I’m getting what I need to done. One day at a time, and it’s all about lining up the long term projects now. I owe Stephen a bunch of work on a project of ours (see, I didn’t forget), so I need to slot that in too. The beginning of the semester is hectic, so now it’s time to put new philosophies to the test.

Tuesday (8/21) – Catch-18: We wound up having to use the wired network for the computers to bypass the VPN. They didn’t call me this morning, so I’m assuming everything went well this morning. I got them working around 3:30 pm yesterday and left them up (“Nobody touch anything.”), just locked them. Hope to have a good report on Monday. (Okay, maybe my work/weekend band isn’t inviolate.)

Wednesday (8/22) – Book Launch: Got a hundred pages in and then stalled, because I’ve had to work on other things. Would have tried to put a big dent in it today, but am working on my class instead. Sad to put business before pleasure, I’ve really been enjoying the book so far (well, as much as you can enjoy a book about a PTSD war survivor with Lou Gehrig’s disease and the struggle to keep his family safe).

Thursday (8/23) – Android Games: I picked up the Humble Bundle Stephen mentioned in the comments the day before, but haven’t had the chance to install any of them. Maybe after the first couple weeks settle down. I’m actually pulling off the trifecta at work this semester (Staff, Faculty, and Student), which ought to be an experience.

Friday (8/24) – Pictures V: I wish I had a picture here to close out with, but I haven’t found anything interesting between yesterday and today. You’ve had to read a picture’s worth anyway so far, so I’ll let you go.

Weight: 228 Loss: 12 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 262.1 miles
Fitocracy Level: 25 ID: disciplev1

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