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2012-366 Day 237 – Pictures V

It’s seriously been two months since my last picture post? Having just completed my third straight slammed week at work (phones, server, mobile photo id), and with the semester starting next week (really, no break?), it’s time to share some recent pictures with you (actually, that’s another reason, I went through a dry spell of interesting pictures).

This was the tip jar at Coldstone Creamery, referencing the great Hyperbole and a Half blog “Why I’ll never be an Adult” (Go read it if you haven’t, it’s funny stuff) which is the source of the meme.

There’s a wall of student made tiles in the University Student Union and among the couple hundred is one comic book themed one. I think this one is pretty sweet, and love the use of the flag.

Meanwhile, in another part of the USU lies a single use restroom. Seems to me one would want to design their restrooms to be usable more than once, particularly in a building, but I guess we really do live in a disposable society nowadays.

And now a story in three pictures, two taken by our friend Brian and one from the internet.

We were at Knott’s Berry Farm and Jess was on a ride. Some of us were playing the midway games and I walked up to the clown knockdown game (I have no idea what it’s actually called) that looks like this on a larger scale:

I had to knock down two clowns with two throws. So then I did this twice:

And wound up with this:

By the way, great job on that picture Brian.

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  1. Jess said

    And there you have the story of how Matt and I got together, he won me in a midway game.

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