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2012-366 Day 23 – Rain

Today marks our first significant rain storm of the year (actually since last November, much to the chagrin of our softball league), and if there’s one thing I’m a fan of, it’s a big rainstorm (as long as I don’t have any sporting events scheduled). Perhaps it’s due to scarcity (having lived in Southern California all my life), but I have always enjoyed the rain. There’s something about the symbolic washing away that a hard rain brings that really appeals to me. I suppose that if the area got it all the time like the Pacific Northwest I might sour upon the idea, but I find that hard to believe since I have such a visceral reaction to it.

I don’t own an umbrella. Granted, that’s probably less unusual in this area, but it’s a choice on my part (I believe that hair is nature’s umbrella. Uh, so I guess that if you don’t have any then . . . you know what, never mind, abort metaphor!). There is just something for me where I’m standing in the rain, particularly the heavy, driving kind we get oh so rarely, that just feels like my body is being refilled. I feel it especially powerfully those times where I’ve been out in nature during a good storm, watching the rain bend the grass and ping pong through the tree branches. It is the only time that I care that my office doesn’t have a window.

And it’s not just for watching the rain that I would like to have a window, as the sound of the rain falling to the earth captivates me as well. Falling asleep last night to the pattering of rain last night was amazing, especially in the new condo where the fact that we finally own a place with windows on more than one side really enhances the experience. It’s tempting to stick a piece of tin outside to add to the acoustics, but I’m pretty sure the HOA would be against that one.

Sadly the current storm is scheduled to head out tonight, followed by a string of clear days (although good for our softball league, as we might actually get our playoffs in this Sunday).

Weight: 234.4 Max: 240 Min: 234.4 Body Fat %: 24.9
Yearly Mileage: 6.5 miles
Current Belt: Purple – Next Belt: Orange (Blue?) – Next Test Date: 3/12
Fitocracy Level: 9 (9846 points, 746/2250 to next level) – ID: disciplev1

UPDATE: Andy’s comment reminded me of the pictures I took that day, and I’m uploading them for your enjoyment, as well as the captions I put on them.

Caption: In solidarity with my marathon brethren, I am prepared to go for a 4 mile run/swim (it’s currently raining very hard here)

Caption: Dear Matt who posted a picture about an hour ago: absolutely NOTHING you are wearing is waterproof, you will expend more energy jumping flooded curbs than running, and you will see a literal drowned rat. Hope you get this in time. Love, Future Matt

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  1. Andy said

    I feel compelled to remind you of the time you decided to go running in the rain.

  2. Matt said

    I forgot about that time, your reminder made me laugh. Updating this with the pictures I took that day.

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