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2012-366 Day 211 – Volleyball Game 7

We won today, but sadly it was due to a forfeit since only two people from the other team could make it. We played some pickup games, but were pretty sluggish, so hopefully we got it all out of our system. Sometimes it’s hard to play hard when you know it doesn’t mean anything, and even if one or two people on the court feel that way, more balls fall then usual, or you get a string of points go against you and dig too big a hole to come back from.

Jess and I had a great dinner with my parents, sister, and her husband afterwards and got to visit the new baby after church this morning, so it was a full but very good day.

Weight: 229 Loss: 11 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 220.1 miles
Volleyball Match Record: 5-2 (13-8 Game Record)
Fitocracy Level: 23 ID: disciplev1

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