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2012-366 Day 210 – Weekend Wrap Up XV

We were out at a friend’s party in Oxnard, so we’re pushing it on time tonight. In other news, our good friends Dan and Vicki just had their first child tonight, so a big congratulations there! Looking forward to meeting the little man tomorrow. Until then, here’s the latest wrap up.

Sunday (7/22) – Volleyball Game 6: I really am a big fan of my team this year, regardless of won-loss records, we all play well and have a great team spirit. Not going to challenge any of the Olympic teams out there, but it’s fun watching them play and comparing styles. Back to our league, it’s a bit funny to me after putting up last week’s standings that half the league is tied at a 4-2 record. We’ll see how that breaks up a bit tomorrow.

Monday (7/23) – Hillside Lodge I: I’m not going to lie . . .

Tuesday (7/24) – Hillside Lodge II: I’m pretty proud of this set. I especially enjoyed the fact that I got to work on my story telling writing while relaying what happened with the Bates Motel wannabe.

Wednesday (7/25) – Road Trip Food II: Jess says I’m not finished with this set of posts since I didn’t pick my favorite meal. After a bit of review and reflection, I have to make the call that we saved the best for last, and the best meal we had was at Dad’s Kitchen (in a narrow victory over Linn’s and Johnny Garlic’s). It was a very good burger and all the components came together just right.

Thursday (7/26) – Road Trip Wrap Up: I don’t think I can do a wrap up of a wrap up, that might tear a hole in the space time continuum or something. ::Ahem:: Sorry, moving on to less nerdy topics.

Friday (7/27) – Road Trip Pictures: One thing I certainly can’t complain about this vacation, it gave me plenty of blog fodder. Apologies if you’re tired of hearing about it, we get to move on tomorrow.

Weight: 229 Loss: 11 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 220.1 miles
Volleyball Match Record: 4-2 (10-8 Game Record)
Fitocracy Level: 23 ID: disciplev1

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