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2012-366 Day 209 – Road Trip Pictures

Okay, I was wrong, I guess there is one more thing to cover. Here’s some favorite pictures I took of the trip (I believe that I, by far, took the LEAST number of pictures on this trip) and a little bit of commentary. If you’re my friend on Facebook you can see all of my pictures there.

I had Dennis take this one with my phone. The olallieberry (there, I finally looked up how to spell it after all these posts) seemed like it wanted to be an umpire, so I gave it some pointers.

I took several pictures of the structure under this pier in Monterey (this file’s name in WordPress is now “Pier Under”. Get it, peer . . . sorry, never mind, moving on), which might indicated some sort of problem on my part since if I turned directly to my right . . .

This was my view. Yeah, yeah, it’s pretty and all, but look at the shapes under the pier guys!

I took this one at one of our beach stops for my dad, I know it’s a newer model (if you can call 70’s that much newer than 60’s), but how often do you see one VW bus camper, let alone two?

From another beach stop, this was probably the prettiest picture I took on the trip (the beach is behind me here).

This is Sullivan O’Duck (Sully for short) who I picked up for Jess at the Irish store on Pier 39. I only have one picture of him, but there are many more from the trip since I kept “Quackbombing” Dennis’ pictures with him. Yes, we did spend 15 minutes coming up with his name, and yes, the final selection was due to it sounding like “Silly Old Duck.”

I don’t believe they are related, but the duckie seen here is over 30 years old and located in the Blacksmith shop in Ferndale. I only know his age because we happened to see a Huell Howser special on Ferndale before we left and the duckie was briefly featured. I had to get a picture of him after that.

This just amused me, from the small town of Trinidad up north. Apparently you can save some money if you house your police station and library in the same building, and that building is a small house.

This was my favorite spot on the trip, the river where we went chasing river otters. It had a great bridge and though the river has been higher, it was still a beautiful and serene location.

Finally, a river up near the Oregon border that we stopped at briefly for pictures, and sometimes I just like to do my own thing when it comes to taking pictures. I just like how this one came out.

So there’s a sort of top ten of pictures from my trip (again, you can see all 60 or so on Facebook). Shooting with just my camera did limit the quality of shots I got, but it also allowed me not to have to worry about setting up too much. Oh, and I almost forgot, one more bonus picture before we go (click it to make it go):

Jess does not like seagulls, but Brian wanted some pictures of her feeding them. I took some rapid shot pictures and made this Gif of Jess getting out of dodge.

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  1. Jess said

    I do not like seagulls because they are evil, deceptive, narcissistic, manipulative birds. That would by why, even though I was feeding it, it was stale veggie chips made from things like dehydrated turnips.

  2. Dad said

    penquins, in contrast, make seagulls seem charming!

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