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2012-366 Day 207 – Road Trip Food II

Guess I should finish what I started, huh? Last I left, we were up through the end of Tuesday recounting all the food consumed on our trip north. Wednesday through Friday produced slightly fewer places to eat (mostly due to skipping a few meals), but definitely had some highlights. Oh, I also corrected the name of the restaurant at which we had late night eats in Monterey from the first post, it’s the Cannery Row Brewing Company.

Wednesday Morning: We headed out of Ukiah after a quick stop at a supermarket for some coffee and milk for the little cereal boxes we brought, so no meals to be reviewed here.

Wednesday Afternoon: Another “because it was there” stop, we were driving along the Avenue of the Giants through the town of Miranda when it was time for lunch. The Yelp reviews for the Avenue Cafe (yes, they have Yelp reviews for towns that small, it’s really handy) were positive, so we stopped in for lunch. Food aside, the waiter we had certainly had the most character of all the ones we encountered on the trip. I was also viciously assaulted by a falling table umbrella, blown over by the wind, but fortunately it landed on my eye socket and not in my eye. The food was pretty good too, I had a meat calzone that checked all the right boxes, my only complaint was the dough could have been a little better. The burger orders were also pleased with their selections, and we got to eat outside on the patio in lovely surroundings (if you discount the attack patio furniture).

Wednesday Evening: I made my feelings on Humboldt/Arcata pretty clear in a previous post, and this was the night we ate there. A restaurant called Luke’s Joint (I’m not sure if they were trying to be clever or not, but again, good Yelp reviews) ended up being our destination and I found a croissant sandwich that featured scrambled eggs, ham, and cheese on the menu which was the least “arty” dish. I got the last croissant and I was satisfied with it, although it probably didn’t help that I just wanted to leave. Brian and Jess both raved about the Potato Parsnip soup and are trying to get the recipe from the place, but no success yet.

Thursday: And here’s where we break from the sections of the day format as we started getting more creative with our eating schedule. We skipped breakfast and ate in the car, and then picked up sandwiches from a gas station (actually ended up decent, much better than the worst case scenario) while making our way up into Oregon. We stopped for a while in Ashland and that’s when dinner time rolled around. A desire for mexican food and some good Yelp reviews led us to Agave, a small taco place on the main drag (we later found out a place called Munchies we parked in front of is actually owned by friends of a couple in our life group, which it would have been fun to check that out). Agave was a decent meal, I had a carnitas and carne asada taco that were both pretty good, especially when I augmented them with the red and green salsa from the chips we ordered. It was very popular, and we were fortunate that the two gentlemen who were using the only table there that sat four ceded it to us (they were purchased margaritas for their trouble), and it was certainly a higher quality mexican food than your usual hole in the walls, but the menu was kind of limited.

Friday: Friday also gets only one entry because we once again skipped breakfast in lieu of what we had in the car and made it down from Yreka to Sacramento to eat at Dad’s Kitchen, and it wound up being the only meal we would need for the day. Another Diners, Drive Ins, and Dives location, Jess was attracted to them because their burger is formed in a pastry ring with the blue cheese, bacon, and beef all formed into a single patty. Those that know me know that blue cheese isn’t my thing (I like my cheese to only have gone bad once), but they had a cowboy burger which I, of course, had to try. I am still continuing my quest to try all the different BBQ bacon cheeseburgers, and this one was certainly up there near the top of the list. If you combined the non-bun portion of this burger with the bun from Linn’s (see part I), you could quite possibly have the perfect burger. The BBQ sauce was great, the crispy onion strings a nice addition, and a very good patty with melted cheese and not too crispy bacon. That and the fries kept me full from Sacramento to the Grapevine where I got a snack when we stopped for gas.

I might have gained a couple pounds from all the eating during vacation, but the walking around places helped atone for it and it’s mostly back off now. I’m not one to skimp while on vacation though (at least when it comes to eating) and some of the great food I had made it totally worth it.

Weight: 229 Loss: 11 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 214.6 miles
Volleyball Match Record: 4-2 (10-8 Game Record)
Fitocracy Level: 23 ID: disciplev1

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