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2012-366 Day 20 – Softball Tournaments

Most of you probably know that my favorite sport is baseball (owing entirely to my playing/umpiring the game during my formative years, even after switching to Cross Country/Track in High School, baseball was always my favorite). The closest I get to playing baseball now is softball, and I really love it. Usually this is my down period for sporting events, as the only softball league I currently play in takes place in the fall. That changes in a big way over the four three weeks, as I’m playing in two tournaments in that time frame.

The first tournament is on Sunday, January 29th, and is actually the conclusion to our Fall league, as the entirety of the playoffs was rained out by three successive rain storms the first three weekends in November (it, of course, has barely rained since, and, naturally, we are scheduled to have our first significant storm since this weekend. Anyone want to take bets that it WON’T rain next weekend?). Since it’s a single elimination tournament, we only have one guaranteed game, and the whole thing is going to be a giant toss up considering the amount of time all the teams have had off.

The second tournament on February 11th, however, is outside my usual comfort zone and looks to be a lot of fun. I have played very few games (sadly) outside of the Rocky Peak league over the past 13 years, but I saw this tournament and just had to join in. For those of you who didn’t/can’t follow the links, it is a softball tournament for Dodger blogs and their readers at a place called Big League Dreams in West Covina. The cool thing about the fields is that they are replicas of several big league parks (Fenway, Wrigley, Angel Stadium, Yankee Stadium – the original I believe, Tiger Stadium, and Dodger Stadium, of course) scaled down to softball size.

Big League Dreams West Covina- Dodger Stadium

Upon sign up, I got to rank which team I would want to play for, and I got my first choice (if I remember right), the Dodger Thoughts blog (I’ve been reading that one the longest, so it seemed appropriate). The owner of the blog just e-mailed us all this week, and the planning for our team is getting underway. It seems we have a pretty well balanced team from the positions everyone listed (P: 4 of 12, C: 2 of 12, 1B: 6 of 12, 2B: 11 of 12, 3B: 5 of 12, SS: 5 of 12, OF: 9 of 12 – glad I don’t have to coach this one), and preliminary planning has me starting at 3B. I pride myself on playing any position (I’m the only one on the team who listed ALL as their position), but I do enjoy third base in particular, as it is second only to pitcher for keeping your head in every play (otherwise you’ll end up eating a softball).

Full recaps will of course come after the tournaments (yay guaranteed blog topics!), and I’m excited for both!

Weight: 234.4 Max: 240 Min: 234.4 Body Fat %: 24.9
Yearly Mileage: 6.5 miles
Current Belt: Purple – Next Belt: Orange (Blue?) – Next Test Date: 3/12
Fitocracy Level: 8 (6907 points, 1557/1750 to next level) – ID: disciplev1

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