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2012-366 Day 198 – Adventure

I have always considered myself pretty unflappable, very stoic, and not prone to be surprised easily. I still am all these things, but I am all these things with a new amusing story to tell. I’ll tell the story some other time, because my technology isn’t working that great tonight and the story is still ongoing, but I am glad that I have these character traits, because lesser men might be crying at this point.

The short, short version for now, because I want to reward you for visiting but also want to go to bed: when on vacation and assuming that you will find some place to stay every night on a road trip, do not assume that there will not be complications along the way.

I also got word on volleyball scores, and my team won without me yesterday, so yay!

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  1. Brian said

    There are always accommodations just maybe not GOOD ones. I hear Norman is pacing the halls tonight.

    Hey, it is something to tell your kids about! IT’S AN ADVENTURE!

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