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2012-366 Day 189 – Weekend Wrap Up XII

An eventful week, with still more to come in a baby shower/birthday party tonight and a volleyball game tomorrow. Heading into the final hours of the wedding/baby shower marathon we’ve been running for the past several months.

Sunday (7/1) – Resolution Update: Passed my 7th Gup (Blue-Green belt) test this morning, putting me right on schedule. Realizing that even with my new running schedule, I’ve probably procrastinated too long and won’t hit 600. I’ll still try though.

Monday (7/2) – Superhero Movies: Only 11 days until the Dark Knight Rises release, although I suppose I should go see Spider-Man before then. Also have to see Brave (yes, I know that’s not a superhero movie) soon.

Tuesday (7/3) – Memory: What did I write about that day? I forget. (Yes, I went for the cheap, lazy joke here.)

Wednesday (7/4) – Fourth of July: I do not like the Fourth of July on a Wednesday, it really screws up the week. Thursday and Friday at work were just plain weird, feeling like a Monday and Tuesday. Won’t have to worry about it for six years or so, I guess.

Thursday (7/5) – End Times: I have Google Analytics installed on the site, so I can see the general traffic flow for the blog. The two days with the most visits this month were when my Cars Land review was posted, and this one (although don’t get too excited, it’s 25 and 21 visits, respectively). It was good to get a little feedback, I’ll try to find some more topics that interest me enough to write about that are thought provoking (I guess you could argue I should be doing that everyday).

Friday (7/6) – Overheard and Half Marathon: Ran my Saturday run last night because I knew we’d be busy today, and was the victim of technology. Trying new headphones with the new Nike app, I found out that the controls on the headphones don’t interact with the Nike app correctly and forced me to spend 10 minutes rebooting and reinstalling things about a mile into my run. The rest of it went great, however.

Well, I have the rest of today to get to, see you tomorrow for a volleyball update.

Weight: 229 Loss: 11 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 194.6 miles (+5 miles)
Volleyball Match Record: 3-0 (7-2 Game Record, +17 Point Differential)
Fitocracy Level: 22 ID: disciplev1

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