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2012-366 Day 188 – Overheard and Half Marathon

At Chipotle today for lunch and overheard this conversation when waiting to refill my drink:

5 year old kid: (Something unintelligible, presumably a request for soda.)
Mom: You’re having water.
Kid: (Again, can’t hear him, on account that he’s five and on the other side of his mom. I’m assuming it was “Why not?”)
Mom: You can’t have soda, it’s bad for you.

If you guessed that I’m relating this story because while this conversation was taking place, the mom was filling her cup with regular Coca-Cola, you nailed it. I just quietly waited my turn while mentally going, “Jackpot! Blog post!”

With just over 8 weeks until the Disneyland half marathon, it’s time to get serious about training (I also decided it was time to get serious about weight loss too at karate last night, but that’s for another time). I always work better when I have a schedule that I have to stick to, so I went back to the training schedule I co-opted from someone when I trained for my first half marathon, cut it to fit, and am ready to go. It looks something like this: Mondays 3-5 miles, Tuesdays OFF (due to bible study), Wednesdays 3-5 miles, Thursdays 2-3 miles (may switch Wednesdays and Thursdays depending on which karate class I go to that week), Fridays OFF (generally doing something that night), Saturdays Long Runs starting at 5 miles and topping at 10 miles), Sundays OFF (church volleyball league). Assuming I complete all the runs, I’ll have 142 more miles under my belt in the next two months and be prepared for the Half.

Weight: 229 Loss: 11 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 189.6 miles
Volleyball Match Record: 3-0 (7-2 Game Record, +17 Point Differential)
Fitocracy Level: 22 ID: disciplev1

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