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2012-366 Day 183 – Resolution Update

The halfway mark arrives on the same day as a resolution update, hard to believe we’re already to that point.

1) One blog post (long or short) every day this year. – It only took me six months to realize that it’s kind of silly to be keeping track of this one, since obviously an update is going to mean that I’m still going. I guess I can still say it though – On track.

2) Lose 20 pounds. – Been maintaining, but need to start losing again. – On track.

3) Run 600 miles. – An absolutely brutal month for running, although I certainly kept active with karate, volleyball, and Ultimate Frisbee. The heat starting up certainly didn’t help. Am going to set up a training plan for the Disneyland Half Marathon in 2(!) months, so that should help, but I’m not sure I’m going to make it all the way to 600. – Behind. 187.5/600 = 31.25%

4) Complete 5th Gup Green belt test by end of year. – Testing for Blue-Green (7th Gup) on Saturday. I’m feeling things starting to come together a bit more on the fitness side, which is helping me get the techniques down better. Looking forward to starting to refine things, and having a bit more time for outside practice again. – On track. (Actual test maybe the first week of January with the new four month cycles.)

5) Complete first novel. – I really should take this one out, but things still pop into mind occasionally. – Behind.

Weight: 229 Loss: 11 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 187.5 miles
Volleyball Match Record: 3-0 (7-2 Game Record, +17 Point Differential)
Fitocracy Level: 22 ID: disciplev1

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  1. mom said

    Matthew, it is Dec 24 and I am half way through your blog project. I regret that I did not read these in real time. I hope you are not annoyed by my late comments. It is my goal to finish with you! Congratulations are in order. I love you, Boychex.

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