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2012-366 Day 182 – Weekend Wrap Up XI

A weird week that both was slow but flew by, followed by a Saturday that exhibited much the same pattern. We did end the day by going to an ice cream shop in Simi called Sub Zero that mixes the ice cream as a liquid and then freezes it using liquid nitrogen. It was good, but pricey, not something I’d do on a regular basis. A great science thing for kids though. Anyway, on to the updates.

Sunday (6/24) – Volleyball Game 3: No volleyball this upcoming week, as this was the one we selected to celebrate the Fourth of July. Yeah, we probably should have taken Father’s Day off and left the Fourth alone due to it’s midweek status, but what’s done is done. Am having dinner with my parents tomorrow, so we can just pretend we switched the days.

Monday (6/25) – Office Move: I told my boss that once my Mountain Dew bottles moved, the whole thing was official and I wasn’t moving back. That was actually a pretty heavy box since all but one of those bottles is still full.

Tuesday (6/26) – New Office: I am enjoying my new office, it does have a ton more space. Still getting used to that aspect, but it does make my games of trash can basketball with my lunch wrappers a little more exciting.

Wednesday (6/27) – The Cloud: One thing I am uncertain if I was clear on: if you don’t care about the information you are storing (i.e. it’s not sensitive), then the Cloud is a fantastic invention that improves so many aspects of storing data. Seems the post might have taken on a bit more negative tone than I intended. I use the cloud for many things, particularly music and moving pictures and files between my phone and home and work computers, and it is a great time saver for me. Using the example of taking pictures on my phone, using the cloud cuts out three or four steps in getting those pictures into my blog posts (thank you, Dropbox).

Thursday (6/28) – Dead Heat: Allyson won her 200 meter final and is guaranteed a spot on the Olympic team, but the 100 meter result is still up in the air. A decision is due Sunday morning, though I wouldn’t be surprised to see her step aside in that event for her teammate and training partner.

Friday (6/29) – Teaching III: I do love teaching, but I am enjoying the break as well. I occasionally forget that the teachers need the break between semesters just as much as the students do, if not more.

Weight: 229 Loss: 11 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 187.5 miles
Volleyball Match Record: 3-0 (7-2 Game Record, +17 Point Differential)
Fitocracy Level: 22 ID: disciplev1

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