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2012-366 Day 178 – New Office

Settled into the new office, just like the old one but bigger. The walls are a bit plain now, and I moved the computer screens off center since my door switched sides and I wouldn’t be able to see out in the old configuration.

Of course, that’s not the important part, as I already did a post on my decor in the old office, which had to be moved over as well. I changed the layout a bit to generate more space (you know, in case I have to put any more work items up there), and used the top area. I’m still going to have quite the headache if we have a major earthquake and I don’t get under my desk fine (I will, however, have plenty of fermented Mt. Dew to keep me alive while they dig me out).

The two big new additions are my Orel Hershiser bobble head and my new Star Wars Stitch (this time as General Grevious). Been trying to keep things stable for now, lest it overrun my office.

Weight: 229 Loss: 11 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 183.5 miles
Volleyball Match Record: 3-0 (7-2 Game Record, +17 Point Differential)
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