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2012-366 Day 175 – Weekend Wrap Up X

You know what’s an amazing thing? A Saturday without any scheduled activities except for karate. It’s been a long time since that happened, and we enjoyed it.

Sunday (6/17) – Volleyball Game 2: I ran the league last week and am running it this week while Brian is out of town, so I got the honor of picking up the shirts for the year. I posted a picture (below) on the Rocky Peak Sports Facebook page but only teased who got which color. So, of course, I’ll post the list here, as I highly doubt anyone will read it before tomorrow (and if they do, good for them): Orange – B. Kemmer, Scarlet – McDaniel, Royal – Rafeedy, Forest – Stamper, Gold – Steele, Kelly Green – Kemmer, Black – Tidemanson, White – Wierman, Purple – Wong, Silver – Worland.

Monday (6/18) – Published: Still proud of Jess!

Tuesday (6/19) – Work: This was my busiest week of work in a while due to the fact that we replaced all of our printer copiers at once with a different brand, so I had to get everyone’s printer switched over. It was pretty crazy, as I had to get the drivers installed, the scripts setup, and the groups for the various printers repaired, all for a hundred machines with the potential for multiple printers. Oh, and our fax machines print to them to.

Wednesday (6/20) – Work II: By the way, if you are graduating from CSUN this year, you can thank me for having our Graduation Evaluation office down while they are clearing all the diplomas for less than 15 minutes.

Thursday (6/21) – Rock of Ages: I did find myself singing songs from the movie for the last couple days (although I suppose that means I was just singing the original songs . . .), so I guess it had that going for it?

Friday (6/22) – Tags: I suppose I should set aside a day for blog maintenance to get those old tags setup, and maybe some links back to the original posts for these Weekend Wrap Ups.

Karate was a heck of a workout today, and I’m looking forward to Volleyball tomorrow. Gotta get back to resting now, though.

Weight: 229 Loss: 11 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 183.5 miles
Volleyball Match Record: 2-0 (5-1 Game Record, +9 Point Differential)
Fitocracy Level: 21 ID: disciplev1

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