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2012-366 Day 169 – Volleyball Game 2

Today has been absolutely nuts, starting with church, then lunch with friends, coming home to change really quick, running the volleyball league, come home, change again, head out to Disneyland, head back home around Burbank because I forgot my pass, get to Disneyland, go into California Adventure to see it at night (Cars Land looks great), go to Disneyland proper to eat dinner at the newly refurbished Carnation Cafe, then head back to the hotel and check in about 10 minutes ago. Much like that sentence, today has run on, but been a lot of fun.

A quick interlude before I hit the Volleyball part, I need to say this again: I love living the future. Currently blogging using my phone and a bluetooth keyboard, and it is working great.

The volleyball team (we’re using my classic name of Dig Dug) won the match and all three games today, although the team we were playing was slightly undermanned at five people (we had seven, with only one person having Father’s Day obligations – speaking of which, Happy Father’s Day Dad and Tony, since I know you both read this!), and we won all three fairly handily (25-21, 25-19, 25-16). One of our players is going to Europe, so we won’t have the whole team until a couple weeks after the Fourth of July. I really like my team, and am very much enjoying the season so far.

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