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2012-366 Day 168 – Weekend Wrap Up IX

Missed a Wrap Up last week due to the wedding, so let’s see what we’ve got.

Monday (6/4) – Volleyball Schedule: Not much more to say about this one, I’m still pretty proud of this set up. I also enjoy the fact that I can access it from my phone, so I can see the schedule at the games without bringing the paper version (which we haven’t actually printed for a while due to this system).

Tuesday (6/5) – Geographical Awareness: This was kind of a silly post then, and it is now, so we can just move on.

Wednesday (6/6) – Jessica: My wonderful wife has been burning the candles at both ends, but finished one of her last events today and hopefully will have things settle down soon. I’m proud of her for making it through such a busy season this well, and look forward to when we get some rest.

Thursday (6/7) – Volleyball Schedule II: If you scan down this list, you’ll see there sure were a lot of sequels in this time frame, huh?

Friday (6/8) – Rehearsal II: I did find it funny that between two entirely different wedding locations (my sister’s out on Sierra Highway in the middle of nowhere and Cathy’s right next to Dodger Stadium at the police academy) could both feel so isolated. The academy rock garden did a great job of shutting out the outside world, while the french restaurant was just removed from it by a long stretch of road.

Saturday (6/9) – Stupid Cat: The cat is fine. Annoying me right now, but fine.

Sunday (6/10) – Volleyball Game 1: Looking forward to game two tomorrow, was missing a couple people and am curious to see how they will integrate into the team.

Monday (6/11) – Kings: Still so nice. Sad that all those people were trying to profit off the free tickets to the celebration, sounded like it was a great time though.

Tuesday (6/12) – Wedding II: Hard to believe it’s already been a week. Congratulations again Keith and Cathy!

Wednesday (6/13) – Cars Land: The opening of the Land to the public really highlighted how fortunate we were to be able to attend the preview. The line for the Racers ride at one point was over five hours long and stretched out of Cars Land, through the wharf, and over the bridge back into the park. The fast passes for the ride were gone in an hour. The fact that we got to spend so much time there with so few people truly was a blessing. Going back on Monday with Jess’ family, we’ll see if the demand has lessened in anyway (I suspect not).

Thursday (6/14) – Pictures IV: Cleaned out all the pictures I had taken with my new phone in this batch, time to start collecting some more for the next installment.

Friday (6/15) – Office Changes: I was supposed to work today on a phone system upgrade, but the people in charge of the central system pulled the plug on it. That allowed me to get my Saturday back and I used it to it’s fullest, going to Karate, cleaning the entire house, and playing some DnD. A good day, but a long one, so it’s time to get some rest.

Weight: 229 Loss: 11 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 177.5 miles
Fitocracy Level: 21 ID: disciplev1

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  1. cayhy said

    You were both so amazing at the wedding!!! We could not have done it without you and macguyver!! It was the perfect day! Wow can’t. Believe its been a week already.

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