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2012-366 Day 167 – Office Changes

Just finishing packing up my office, as they are coming in this weekend to re-carpet it and the surrounding environs. This is an ongoing project that has seen 75% of the office done in the past month, with this weekend and next being the final two hurrahs. To add further excitement, after next weekend’s carpeting I will be moving to another slightly larger office down the hall after it’s current occupant moves to new digs which are also being carpeted that weekend. Get all that?

I’ve been looking forward to a potential move for a while as, while I am glad to have an office in general, my current location is quite noisy and kind of in the middle of everything. My new spot is in a nice corner and more conveniently located to the rest of the IT staff in offices (I’m currently between the director and HR and finance people).

Well, this computer has to get packed, so I’ll start the final touches and get ready for a busy weekend.

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