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2012-366 Day 164 – Wedding II

So, as I mentioned in this weekend’s posts, we attended our second wedding in the past month, the wedding of Cathy and Keith (in order of friendship seniority, of course). Jess and I were both in the bridal party, although we were not paired up in the recessional (the groom’s side had me on the end, while the end on the bride’s side was occupied by she who had the three little kids in the wedding and need to be the most flexible in getting in and out of line – a position that actually came into play at one point). Despite (or perhaps due to) the positions of honor we held, we were even more busy than in my sister’s wedding (where I held the official position of wedding sound guy and Jess and I both held the position of “Get it done” executor), and, I am thankful to report, it went off without a hitch (I even had time to do some dancing).

There’s a lot of information in that first paragraph that probably needs explaining, and I may or may not do so here. As for the story of the actual wedding couple (which is pretty amazing itself) and information about them, I’ll let them create their own blog to tell you, because this blog is mine (and I don’t feel comfortable sharing personal information about my friends on this blog without their permission, as I’m sure I’ve said about a dozen times now). All right, I will give you this much: Cathy is a good friend of ours from our church sports leagues and Keith came into the picture about a year ago and has also become a good friend of ours.

I’ll also mention that the location of the wedding was pretty amazing. The police academy has a rock garden tucked behind it (I had absolutely no idea) which is amazing and set against the side of the hill, with a waterfall flowing down multiple levels. The ceremony took place near the top of the waterfall, with the reception taking place in a larger area at the base. All the stairs were quite a workout, however, because between the rehearsal and the wedding I probably went up and down at least 10,000 steps. Here’s a view from the very top of the place, the dots you see in the middle are people standing at the top of where the ceremony took place, with the larger reception area below next to the buildings in the background.

It was totally worth it, and, if you know any police officers, I’d recommend it for your wedding too (recommendation applies only to single people over the age of 18 who are interested in having a wedding involving a willing partner of legal age. Please contact your doctor if your wedding lasts for more than 4 hours, not including reception, as this may be a sign that your wedding is too darn long). The whole event moved at an amazingly brisk pace, it had to have been the first wedding we wrapped up and I was impressed with how early it was (if you know Cathy, you are probably not surprised by this fact).

One event comes to mind. We were taking pictures with the groomsmen when the maid of honor comes out to talk to us about something. She’s about to leave when she turns and asks, “Matt, did you know your wife is MacGyver?” My response? “Yes. It kind of runs in the family.” Jess is a master at this kind of thing, she has a “MacGyver” bag in which she places all the items which she anticipates may be needed in the event of an emergency at the wedding. Makeup, sewing kit, toiletries, an extension cord(! – yes, it was needed), etc . . . Needless to say, it came in quite handy at a few points in the proceedings.

I’m sure there’s more to talk about, but I’m running out of time at the moment. I do want to thank Cathy and Keith for letting us be a part of their big day, and I wish them nothing but love and happiness over a lifetime of marriage (don’t worry, Jess and I will still be around to make sure that happens).

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  1. Stephen said

    Didn’t my wedding (not including reception) clock in at right around 20 minutes? What do I win?

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