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2012-366 Day 156 – Volleyball Schedule

Sorry, used most of my break time today generating a schedule for our volleyball league. Making sure everyone faces everyone else and has fair court placement is a bit of a pain in the butt. As for the actual who plays who, I tried my hand at manually generating some combinations, but it quickly got overwhelming. Turning to the great Goo-gel, I found this page ( which got me the right combinations in a mostly fair home/away configuration, but gave no consideration to court assignments. I decided the fairest thing to do was to make sure that each team got at least one game on the first court, but I couldn’t check all the courts so it’s a bit random after that.

The online version will go up in the usual location, my web playground, is taken and I wanted something shorter, so a year or two ago I registered and use it to house my web creations. The landing page is a bit out of date, as I’ve done schedules for both our volleyball and softball leagues for the past couple years there. I’ll put the link up when I’m done (probably tomorrow). I also find it amusing that my dad’s site and my own differ by one letter (his is

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  1. Dad said

    My first thought was, “wait. i have” but my panic subsided rapidly

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