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2012-366 Day 154 and 155 – Weekend Wrap Up VIII

Okay, so on Day 154 I rested. After a crazy couple of days with Jess being sick (spiking a 102 degree fever, she’s better now), wrapping up work for the week (they’re laying carpet on the weekends, so Friday afternoon is busy), and having many busy weekends coming up, I did nothing yesterday, and that includes blogging. I did watch the Kings game and generated one post on Facebook which I’m counting as my official output for yesterday, although I will not make a whole new post just to make you read one line.

Day 154: “Holy Cow! Go Kings!” – Posted immediately after watching Jeff Carter score in overtime and giving the Kings their second straight Stanley Cup final overtime victory.

Let’s get a Weekend Wrap Up in too, even though I’m up against it time wise.

Monday (5/28) – Memorial Day: Everything I said is still true, even though it’s not the official day of remembrance. I wish I could say even more, but nothing I can do would ever match the true depths of my gratefulness to all the heroes who sacrificed their all for my freedom or even those who just(?) put their lives on the line.

Tuesday (5/29) – Game Design: Games are fun. Me like games. Me looking forward to play more games.

Wednesday (5/30) – Movie Quote Day: Nobody’s put their score up yet. Give it a shot, I’m very curious to see how people do.

Thursday (5/31) – Fitness: Volleyball started today, but since it was an evaluation week (real games start next week), not much to update on. Glad to have that arrow back in my fitness quiver, I always have a lot of fun playing.

Friday (6/1) – Resolution Update: How is it already June! Amazing. Need to crack down and do some more work on my goals though.

Saturday (6/2) – Kings (Retroactive): I’m intentionally not posting more about the Kings until the playoffs are over, I’m just scared to change anything. You can check my Facebook feed for real time things like yesterday.

Like I said in the Fitness section above, today was the kick off of our Summer volleyball league, and we followed that up with the draft (which is unusual, we typically have it mid-week, but it seemed to work fairly well). Look forward to weekly updates (like soccer) starting next week, as well as a link to the league homepage (which I maintain and have to create this week after we get a schedule done).

Weight: 229 Loss: 11 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 172.5 miles
Fitocracy Level: 21 ID: disciplev1

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