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2012-366 Day 143 – Lakers

So now that the Lakers are officially eliminated, I can talk a little bit about them (the same is, of course, not true of the Kings . . . go Kings! . . . but I don’t want to jinx anything . . . okay, maybe I’m a little superstitious). Now I will say that I can’t complain too much, as the Lakers are the only team I root for that have given me a championship since 1988 (and quite a few championships they were). It did, however, get to the point where I could barely watch the games anymore over the past few years as it seemed that every offensive possession went like this: the point guard (first Fisher, then Blake/Sessions would dribble the ball over mid-court. They would pass the ball to one of the big men who hadn’t quite gotten close enough to the basket to take a high percentage shot (if they had, then easy two points), so they would pass back out to someone else. Invariably that person would pass the ball to Kobe and we would have ten seconds of him dribbling around before hoisting up a contested jumper somewhere around the free throw line. Now all credit to Kobe’s amazing talent that a good number of those shots went in, but watching that kind of ball stopping black hole is just depressing as a fan. I really wish David Stern hadn’t killed that trade for Chris Paul, because at least then I would have seen a different style of basketball for once.

Again, I’m not going to complain to loudly (or long) about it, but I am curious as to what the team will look like in a couple years when Kobe finally hangs them up. Hopefully we won’t have someone else who comes in demanding the ball all the time.

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