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2012-366 Day 136 – Videos I

I’ve come across a few videos that have made me laugh recently, and seeing as we’re in a busy season right now, I thought I’d share them and a few comments with you.

We’ll start with the one today that made me think of this idea, Teachers Dancing Behind Students:

While the teachers involved in this are awesome, my personal hero is the camera person, who had to maintain a straight face the entire time.

Next we have a little choreographed routine by part of the Harvard baseball team on a van trip:

It’s the last guy that absolutely kills me. Those van rides must be LONG.

And finally some superhero humor, first from an animator showing what happens to Marvel characters on a bad day:

And we’ll wrap this up with an Avengers music video. No, not THE Avengers music video, an Avengers . . . you know what, just watch it yourself, I need someone to share the trauma with:

And we’ll close with an awesome picture simply titled, “Hey, Give it back!”
Hey, Give that back!

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