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2012-366 Day 134 – Weekend Wrap Up V

Wow, we’re already to the fifth installment of the Weekend Wrap Up, time flies. Busy week followed by an even busier weekend.

Monday (5/7) – Interview Advice: In the class I teach, since it is a general skills computing class, one of the assignments I give is to create/update their resume as a project. We then spend about 15 minutes in class where I give them some of my resume tips, and it seems to be a big success. This semester’s resume day was Friday, and it seemed to be well received. I always enjoy that one.

Tuesday (5/8) – Suspicious: The contest has drawn to a close, and the winners should be announced shortly. If all stands as it did the final day, we’ll end up in second place, which is a respectable finish out of 13 teams. I’ll let you know what happens.

Wednesday (5/9) – Pictures II: I’ll start collecting new pictures for the next post when I get my new phone, which brings us to . . .

Thursday (5/10) – Cellphone: New phone comes out Friday, and I think it’s time to finally take the plunge. I’m looking forward to getting my new toy.

Friday (5/11) – Rehearsal: We’ll cover this whole weekend in the next paragraph.

Saturday (5/12) – Wedding I: We wrapped up a busy week this morning with a nice Mother’s Day breakfast attended by some of the family from the wedding (as well the honorary French family) (unrelated to the wedding, we spent the afternoon with Jess’ mom today) (hey, look, a triple parenthesis aside!). Between the rehearsal, the wedding, and the breakfast, I’ve made more trips to Santa Clarita (actually past it) in the past three days than I had in the last year and a half. The ceremony was very lovely, and Jess and I took it upon ourselves to try and insure that it went as smoothly as possible. My official position was sound guy for the wedding, which I made the best of despite some limited equipment. Overall, everyone seemed happy with the job we did and the night went extremely well. It was fantastic to see all the family in one place and we all had fun catching up.

Weight: 229 Loss: 11 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 152 miles (+3 miles)
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  1. mom said

    You two were indispensible at the wedding. (Did I thank you? No?) THANK YOU FOR ALL OF THE JOBS YOU TOOK ON, FORSEEN AND UNFORESEEN, MATT AND JESS!

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