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2012-366 Day 124 – Summer Break

I can’t tell you how excited I am that we’re only three weeks away from the semester ending, both for my regular job and my teaching job. I’m excited for my regular job because it means campus congestion goes WAY down making walking around, parking, and finding peace and quiet just so much easier. We’re nothing without the students, obviously, but it is kind of special when they’re not around. Admissions and Records needs to be available year round, so we stay open and busy, but foot traffic does go down.

As for the teaching job, it gets to the end of the semester and I start to realize what a toll adding the extra time does to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the job and am grateful for the opportunity, but a semester of compressed lunch breaks, preparing materials, and getting everything done on top of a regular job and all the extracurricular activities wears you down. The approximately month long winter break helps with some refreshment, but the summer break really helps me get the rest for the next academic year.

You might be able to tell that today’s post came out of a place of fatigue, but it’s a good kind of fatigue to have. Here’s to the home stretch!

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