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2012-366 Day 123 – 2012-366ers II

As I mentioned yesterday, we hit the 1/3 mark with Day 122 and it’s been pretty much 50 days since I did my first survey of fellow 2012-366ers, so I thought we would check in. Only updating on those that were current up through last time, although I’ll take a peek and see if anyone restarted as well.

Angela H’s Leap Year 2012 – 366 Review Challenge on Yelp
Status: Current through yesterday
Comments: Still going strong. I also appreciate the fact that she’s not just handing out 5 star reviews or just a sentence for each, but actually putting the work into them.

Helen Trams 366 0f 2012
Status: R.I.P. 4/13/2012
Comments: I guess keeping up with three blogs at once proved too much from Miss Tram. I have to imagine detailing that much high school drama was exhausting, let alone living through it. I’ll have to look and see if there’s another blog like mine still going out there, as this was the closest thing I had found before.

366 Days of Photos by Clare
Status: Current through today
Comments: I still love the layout of this blog, and the pictures are generally well done. I have to imagine this one will go the distance.

2012 – 366 Games in 366 Days
Status: Behind schedule
Comments: He had played 53 games in 74 days (71.6%) last time I checked and has been playing at a bit of an uptick since, now at 94 games in 123 days (76.4%). He has no small amount of work to do to get on schedule, but it’s still a very cool idea and I really enjoy checking in and reading the short game descriptions.

Venomator’s 366 Project – 2012
Status: Current through yesterday
Comments: This one’s a bit harder to track as all the updates are occurring in a single message thread on a bulletin board, but all appears to be well. There is a pretty cool month in review graphic he’s able to make out of a calendar to show the shots from each day. Did have a recent complaint of running out of ideas, hopefully he pushes through it.

2012: 366 Day Challenge on Yelp
Status: Current through today
Comments: If you’re in Canada, this is still the Yelper for you if you want daily reviews.

366 Page Comic Challenge
Status: Last Updated 4/25/12
Comments: More updates since I last was there, very consistent although missing a few days. Hasn’t updated in a week though. Will check back in next time, hope it’s back in action again!

I did find a couple new photo blog daily challenges while looking for other projects (One of my entries is on page 6 of the Google search results for “2012-366”):

2012 366 Project
Status: Current through yesterday
Comments: This one is easy to follow since all the entries are the dates, but then you have to click them to see the actual photograph. A small note accompanies each picture.

Hungry Girl por Vida
Status: Last updated 4/23/12
Comments: Will give this one a bit of a pass due to the fact that it has a unique set up, they have daily pictures but are posted weekly, so each weeks post has seven pictures in it. Last week’s pictures are so far unaccounted for, but we’ll check back in on them next time just to see. If you can’t tell from their blog title, these pictures are all food based.

It’s good to see that so many people have remained dedicated to their challenges, I think we’ll check back again next either around the 50 or 66% mark, depending on how badly I’m reaching for topics at that point. Apparently, however, it’s much easier to do this kind of project with pictures, judging by the preponderance of those kinds of sites, I’ll keep that in mind for next year.

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