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2012-366 Day 122 – Resolution Update and Special Announcement

And now we’re already to May. Wow. How we doing on the old resolutions? Pretty well, I must say. This also happens to be the exact 1/3 point of the year (366/3 is 122, right?), so consider this the monthly and 33% checkup.

1) One blog post (long or short) every day this year. – On track.

2) Lose 20 pounds. – With Ragnar and some longer runs at the end of the month, I seem to have cracked the plateau I was at and started to lose again. Down 11 pounds now and looking forward to putting 230 permanently behind me. On track.

3) Run 600 miles. – Again, Ragnar and some long runs helped out a lot in this category as well. Jumping nearly 20 miles in two days will help solve the catch up problem. Still lagging though, I should be at 200 miles right now, but relying on half marathon training to catch up. Speaking of marathons, check out the bottom for a special announcement. Behind. 135/600 = 22.5%

4) Complete 5th Gup Green belt test by end of year. – Blue Belt (8th Gup) test is this Saturday. On track.

5) Complete first novel. – Had a few more good ideas this month, but have yet to actively start working on it. Behind.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: A couple of you have heard this already, but thought I should tell everyone. I have, of course, succeeded in winning a lottery that will cost me money. What lottery is that, you ask? Well entry to the New York Marathon is open to the general public via a lottery system. They estimate about a 9% chance of making it in via the lottery. I thought I would like to run it at least once, and figured with such low odds I should start now and I may get in by the time I’m 40. Well, victory is mine, I suppose. Since I already have two half marathons scheduled for the end of the year (New York is on November 4th), we are discussing rolling it over to next year (I can roll it over twice). Either way, we will be making our first trip to New York in the next two years, so if you have any tips, tricks, or connections I would love to hear them.

Weight: 229 Loss: 11 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 135 miles
Fitocracy Level: 19 (44886 points, 464 to next level) – ID: disciplev1

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