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2012-366 Day 120 – Weekend Wrap Up III

So once again a major weekend event (Ragnar) wiped out the Wrap Up last week, so we’ll catch up a bit.

Sunday (4/15) – Soccer Game 6: Today is my first Sunday after soccer ended, and I kind of miss it. Good timing, however, as May is jam packed and June begins Rocky Peak’s volleyball season.

Monday (4/16) – Chipotle: Actually had Chipotle for lunch on back to back days this week.

Tuesday (4/17) – Fun with Excel: My pupil sent me their results, and it was good.

Wednesday (4/18) – Ragnar Relay: If you’ve been reading the blog, you’ve probably heard quite enough of this . . .

Thursday (4/19) – Ragnar Checklist: this . . .

Friday (4/20) – Ragnar Day 1: this . . .

Saturday (4/21) – Ragnar Day 2: and this, so we’ll give it the San Diego Vacation treatment in the Wrap Up.

Sunday (4/22) – Soccer Game 7: In an interesting turn of events, I went back to look at the standings page and we’ve been awarded the tie for the last game. Had we gotten the win, however, we might actually have made the playoffs, as the fourth place team is playing the first place team this week (we’re in fifth) and only has three wins (we wound up with two). We beat the fourth place team in the regular season, so we would have won the tie breaker. Oh well.

Monday (4/23) – Recovery: I had a nice day of rest yesterday, so I’m feeling pretty good going into the crazy month of May.

Tuesday (4/24) – The Board: The board will be rebooted on Tuesday. You may or may not hear from it again. Depends how desperate I get for content.

Wednesday (4/25) – Resume Advice: One of the projects I give my students has them update their resume and turn it in. I just got those turned in, so I may have some more advice depending on the results of that assignment.

Thursday (4/26) – Aggression: Nothing much to add to this one, things have leveled out.

Friday (4/27) – Fulfillment: It’s amazing what fulfillment and rest will do for you, I’m feeling pretty good right now.

Saturday (4/28) – Workout Music: Jess weighed in, still plenty of time for you to.

Weight: 231 Loss: 9 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 130 miles
Fitocracy Level: 19 (43684 points, 1666 to next level) – ID: disciplev1

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