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2012-366 Day 119 – Workout Music

Wow, today was the first day that it didn’t even occur to me that I had to write a blog post, I was that checked out. Jess reminded me a couple minutes ago (11:15) and now I’m up against the clock. Since soccer is over and I should have a little bit of time tomorrow, the Weekend Wrap Up will wait until then. For now, however, a topic that occurred to me due to the fact that I played the same song four times consecutively while finishing up my 11 mile run in Ragnar. What song was that? Well, due to the magic of youtube, I can share:

It just has a fantastic beat to it and really gets me into the mood and rhythm while running. While the Nike+ software on the iPod I use running has a powersong setting that lets you set a song to play during the hard parts, I constantly forget to set it and was very fortunate the song came on the random shuffle when it did. (Okay, I did kind of help it along by skipping a bunch of stuff earlier in the run.)

Is it bad that I select my workout music mostly for the beat and response I have to it and not for the lyrical content? I couldn’t tell you what half my workout songs are about, but some come from groups that you probably would associate with me (Linkin Park, Eminem, Black Sabbath, etc). Granted, there are some workout songs that you would totally expect from me (pretty much anything from TobyMac, “Move” by MercyMe). I do have a new favorite that I just acquired but haven’t put onto the iPod yet which will probably be my goto song in the future:

This is an edited version, where the one f-bomb has been removed (the lyric is “Who the f— wants to die alone?” so I certainly can’t fault them for the sentiment). When possible I do try to get the clean versions if the song has a lot of swearing in it (I actually find it mildly amusing that some of the Eminem tracks I have sound like lyrical swiss cheese), though if there is one or two in there I tend to ignore them.

I’m curious as to other people’s workout music, both songs and theory. You can probably tell from my two examples that I like a strong drum beat and a pretty up tempo song. If you feel like it, drop a line in the comments with your picks/thoughts.

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  1. Jess said

    I have found that “Don’t Stop Believing” is my favorite running song because the beat perfectly matches the pace I *should* be going at. Either “Stand” or “Swing” helps me move past a wall in my workout.

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