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2012-366 Day 118 – Fulfillment

Huh, things are getting a little touchy-feely around here. Have to talk about monster trucks or something tomorrow to make up for it, I guess, but for now I seem to be stuck here. I got a bit of an extra charge out of teaching today, one which was unexpected and wholly welcome.

We started the class with databases, following up on the spreadsheet talk from the previous class since they are related. After the break I intended to do a fly by of two chapters but forgot that the first chapter was on computer security related issues, and I LOVE computer security related issues. The entire class is full of topics that I’m extremely familiar with, but computer security was my undergraduate concentration, and being just that much more familiar with it while being able to communicate it to people who don’t have much of a basis in it is really gratifying. To put it in baseball terms (why not?), I can hit any of the pitches thrown at me for any of the other topics, but I absolutely crush anything computer security related.

I also got to debut a line Jess told me from one of her co-workers. “Passwords are like underwear: They should never be seen, you should change them often, and never share them.” That one went over very well.

I wound up taking up most of the remaining time with security issues, so those students should never get hacked, fall for a scam, get phished, or even so much as contract a virus on their machines. Watching various realizations dawn on their faces as I covered the various topics truly was very fulfilling.

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