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2012-366 Day 11 – Web Sites and Design

Even though I hold a degree in Computer Science, Web Design was not as large of a part of the curriculum as you might thing (try not at all, it’s not programming). I teach more about web design in my upper division introduction to computers class then we covered. I’ve picked up enough html in my time (you know, since the days of prodigy) and now teach it, so I’ve had the opportunity to create a few web pages. In doing so, I’ve gotten to practice and hopefully hone my webdesign skills (unless I’m feeling intentionally lazy, like with my class webpage, which I keep intentionally simple to demonstrate the basics of html I’m teaching – yeah, I’ll go with that:

Since Geocities (oh man, I’ll have to see if I have a copy of my R.E.V.E.L.A.T.I.O.N.S. site, it was epic) went away, the earliest example of a website I have is the Teachers for a New Era Virtual Professional Development Center: Whew, that’s a little rough to link to, I certainly think I could do a lot better now. I’m not involved in the project now, but my e-mail is listed on there, so I still get the occasional e-mail about it (mostly people promoting their own sites and wanting me to add them). I did this site via a brute force approach, so there is a lot of unnecessary repetition of code, and the style is a byproduct of fixed pixel size and older monitors. The main design had to go through a couple people, so that’s not purely me.

My other “professional website” (i.e. one that I got paid to do) I’m a lot more proud of: It’s the homepage for the family business of a friend, Magnum Land Clearing. He provided me the information and pictures, and I shaped it into what you see at that link. I think it’s a nice, clean design, it scales well on different platforms (looks great on my phone), and even includes a project page view-able with and without JavaScript. Actually, this reminds me, the projects page is probably due for an update.

There’s one more page I’ve developed recently, but since it’s an internal webpage for my work (which does a look up in the student id system, by far the most programming intensive site I’ve done), you don’t get to see it.

The next webpage I’m interested in developing is a secret, I just need to clear some time to work on it. I’ll let you know more as details develop.

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