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2012-366 Day 105 – Weekend Wrap Up II

Sunday (4/8) – Easter: He is risen indeed.

Monday (4/9) – Reflections: It’s probably no surprise that after writing this post, things got so busy that it’s been difficult to put up any substantial posts since. Sadly we’re entering a very busy season with other people’s weddings and pregnancies aligning to take up a bunch of time with the various showers and ceremonies, so shorter posts may be the norm for a little while.

Tuesday (4/10) – Pictures: Not much more to say on these guys, but I’ll definitely keep looking for more interesting images to share with you.

Wednesday (4/11) – The Dentist: Had to go back on Friday for an adjustment to even things out, and Jess is doing much better now. Speaking of Jess, she updated her area of the blog with an awesome construction cake that she made for our honorary nephew, you should go check it out.

Thursday (4/12) – Allergic to Hitting: I need to learn to keep my big mouth shut (but then what would I have to write about?), because the day after I posted this article the second baseman for the Tampa Bay Rays landed on the shoulder of my number one pick and knocked him out for two months. I was going to change my team name to the Chatsworth Cursed, but Jess liked Allergic to Hitting too much. A near 25% of my original draft has been placed on the disabled list, with the majority projected to be missing months of time. At least my hitters are starting to get over their allergies.

Friday (4/13) – Rain II: Missing the rain already, none projected on the weather forecasts, but at least that means soccer won’t be cancelled tomorrow.

Today featured Karate, a run, and a birthday party for one of our good friends. Tomorrow features church, a birthday party for a three year old, and a soccer game. Yeah, we’re a little busy.

Weight: 231 Loss: 9 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 101.2 miles (+3 miles)
Fitocracy Level: 18 (36725 points, 3125 to next level) – ID: disciplev1
Soccer – Last Game: L, 6-9 (Record: 1-4) Next Game: 4/15 – 5:50 pm

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