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2012-366 Day 102 – The Dentist

Schedule’s a bit off today due to the fact that Jess’ dentist appointment went a lot longer than expected. In a dramatic reversal of fortunes in our last visits, I got a clean bill of health and Jess was told she had to have two onlays (crowns that don’t go all the way to the gum but just lay on top). Today’s appointment was to get those onlays done.

Now we’ve recently moved to a technologically fancy dentist that has one of those while you wait crown (and onlay) machines that creates the crown (or onlay) from pictures of your mouth without having to take an impression and sending it to the lab. This works great, so long as the machine doing the scanning doesn’t crash, which is apparently what happened today. Jess was stuck back there for about four hours, which, sadly, I can identify with as that would place it third or fourth on my list of longest dental visits. It also prepared me for the slight breakdown that occurred afterwards, as I was close to a similar one after my longest visit (turns out having you jaw wedged open for six hours and the ensuing pain merely from your lips having completely dried out, let alone any other poking, prodding, or drilling that had to be done, is a remarkable efficient form of torture). Jess was a trooper and made it to the car without incident, was treated to Senor Sol afterwards, and is well on the way to recovery.

Hopefully we can flip the script back after this, as I’m still better built to handle dental trepidation merely due to experience. Or, actually, better yet, let’s hope neither of us have to have any more major dental work.

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