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2012-366 Day 98 – Weekend Wrap Up II

Missing a week due to vacation, let’s go in the way back machine and see what we missed.

Monday (3/26) – Plateau: So it turns out the best time to start new projects isn’t right before vacation. Right after vacation isn’t so hot either. That being said, I’ve made a little progress on some of my goals in the meantime.

Tuesday (3/27) – Injury: Heel’s doing better since I’ve been taping it pretty regularly, although there’s still some flare ups. Bottom of the foot’s pretty raw now though, should probably rest it a bit after Ragnar.

Wednesday (3/28) – Magic Time: Saw McCourt sitting next to Magic on Opening Day in San Diego and was both excited and sickened at the same time (you can guess what for which). Dodgers already are 3-0 this year, but, then again, they’ve been playing San Diego. Looking forward to when McCourt is on the way out of town.

Thursday (3/29) – Cars Land: Nothing more to say on this one for now.

Friday (3/30) – Mountiantops: We took a small drive today and wandered into a new mountaintop park that we’re going to go back and explore later. Have to take some binoculars next time though, we weren’t sure if we could see the ocean but it certainly looked like it.

Saturday (3/31) – Directions: Haven’t found any new bad directions yet, but, rest assured, I will let you know when I do.

Sunday (4/1) – Soccer Game 5: Have no game due to Easter this weekend, but I am looking forward to the last two games since we now have all the juggernauts in the league out of the way. We are almost certainly not making the playoffs, so these are probably my last two soccer games (I think I’ll be sticking to Softball and Volleyball).

Monday (4/2) – Resolution Update: An update on an update? Probably not necessary.

Tuesday (4/3) – San Diego Vacation I (The Surprise): And you’ve probably heard enough about this . . .

Wednesday (4/4) – San Diego Vacation II (The Food): this . . .

Thursday (4/5) – San Diego Vacation III (The Activities): and this.

Friday (4/6) – When They Say That: And I could do these all day, but they seemed to be pretty hit or miss, so I’ll spare you.

Weight: 232.2 Loss: 7.8 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 86.7 miles
Fitocracy Level: 17 (34563 points, 287 to next level) – ID: disciplev1
Soccer – Last Game: L, 6-9 (Record: 1-4) Next Game: 4/15 – 5:50 pm

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