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2012-366 Day 252 – Weekend Wrap Up XVIII

Probably best that I didn’t bill these as Weekly Weekend Wrap Ups, but with the sick days from the previous week, I didn’t have much to expand on anyway. I have updates both on Karate and Running, but I’ll give them in the appropriate space below. Sorry, you’ll just have to read on.

Sunday (8/26) – Birthday and Volleyball: With last Sunday (9/2) dedicated to the Half Marathon and next Sunday (9/16) being the start of Softball season (although in only pickup game fashion, as the church is having a kickoff with food trucks that we’re scheduling around), we’re belatedly celebrating Jess’ birthday (since she gave it up for Volleyball) at Disneyland tomorrow. Disney wasn’t letting us in the park after the Half Marathon without paying an arm and a leg, so we’re going on a day when our passes our good for the morning and afternoon.

Monday (8/27) – Allergies: You know, one day I’ll take the test and see what I’m actually allergic too, but I just haven’t found the time to study for it yet.

Tuesday (8/28) – Sick Day II: Oddly enough, I find that running helps my immune system (to the point that I will occasionally run during a mild cold or the last stages of a bigger one to “sweat it out of my system”). Perhaps my resolution to run, despite not being quite the volume I forecast, has helped me stay upright for most of the year.

Wednesday (8/29) – Sick Day III: Two days in a row. Shameful. I apologize.

Thursday (8/30) – The Survivor: Really need to start reading books more regularly again. I read on the internet all the time, articles on all sorts of things, but there’s still a particular satisfaction to reading a book.

Friday (8/31) – Teaching IV: The Summer went very quickly, and it’s a little weird to be teaching already. Now that I think about it, with two fifteen week semesters, and the occasional holiday, I probably only teach for a little over half of the 52 weeks of the year. Which is interesting, because it certainly feels closer to three quarters.

Saturday (9/1) – Resolution Update: It feels really good to be progressing faster on my weight loss goal, which I really needed to do since we’re over two thirds of the way through the year.

Sunday (9/2) – Disneyland Half Marathon: Woo. I’m still tired, but slowly getting back into running. One more half marathon before the end of the year, the L.A. Rock and Roll Half Marathon on October 28th. Planning on pacing myself, but also seeing if I can beat my P.R. Well see if my two goals can coexist.

Monday (9/3) – Karate VI: Ah, here’s the appropriate spot for my Karate update: I passed my Green belt (6th Gup) test! The new schedule for Green belt testing puts my next test (5th Gup) at the beginning of January (four months instead of two) which will put me a week behind schedule for my resolution, but close enough.

Tuesday (9/4) – Recovery II: Did my first longer distance run (slowly) tonight for five miles, and, outside of the humidity, did okay. Ready to start ramping back up again.

Wednesday (9/5) – Softball: Practice today knocked some of the rust off, still need to get to a batting cage.

Thursday (9/6) – Trifecta: Ah, the other update. I mentioned that I was trying to average under nine minutes on the mile and a half test I was doing after work. It was warm, and I wasn’t feeling all that loose, but I also had several people running with me so I had incentive. An incentive that apparently worked, because I nailed it, actually running an 8:14 average mile. I might be able to get into the sevens by the end of the semester after all.

Friday (9/7) – Teaching V: Two teaching topics in two weeks? Yup, it’s a new semester.

Weight: 227 Loss: 13 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 283.7 miles (+5 miles)
Fitocracy Level: 25 ID: disciplev1

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