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2012-366 Day 231 – Knott’s Berry Farm

A very late post today because we just got home from Knott’s and celebrating Jess’ birthday a week early (well, technically it was a week and a day until about an hour ago, but never mind). Jess has decided that this is going to be her “roller coaster” birthday because, as she explains, roller coasters aren’t scary, it’s the climb up to the top with the anticipation that is the scary part (she has admitted to reconsidering the not scary part on behalf of others after a ride or two today). So we got together with a good number of our friends and went to Knott’s (because Disneyland doesn’t have enough roller coasters and Magic Mountain’s roller coasters are run and maintained by teenagers) for the day.

We actually left around eleven with the intention of making it into the area around lunch time. We hit some traffic on the 5 and audibled to the 134-210-605 route, which saved us about 10-15 minutes. We headed to a Chicago-style joint called Portillo’s on the recommendation of one of Jess’ friends from high school who couldn’t make it and all proceeded to have really good Italian Beef sandwiches (I, of course, had the combo with Italian Beef and Italian Sausage). Properly weighed down, we made our way to the parking lot, which is quite a way from the main gate, and took the “shuttle” (read: our feet).

I’ll let Jess fill you in on the details if she desires, as it was her day, but I will give you a couple things. I had been to Knott’s exactly once before, way back before I was a teenager. I don’t remember much other than panning for gold (don’t think it’s there anymore), the dinosaur ride (definitely not there anymore), a parachute ride that I would never have gone on today (also not there anymore), and winning a bright red stuffed triceratops from a claw machine outside of the dinosaur ride (which I still have stashed somewhere in the condo). I apparently have kept my winning ways at Knott’s, as I won a giant bear by knocking over two clowns on two shots with a baseball. I was convinced to push my luck and try again with everyone later and knocked down the first one there before finally missing my last throw. It didn’t seem that special to me, but no one else got more than one with multiple throws, so a 75% success rate seems pretty darn good. I had fun with the boardwalk games and tried to make sure no one had to worry about their stuff while they went on rides (because we know that I don’t do rides).

But, like I said, I’ll let Jess get into anymore details if she likes, as it is late and I have church and playoff volleyball tomorrow. Wish us luck, I will, of course, have an update for you all tomorrow.

Weight: 229 Loss: 11 lbs – Running Yearly Mileage: 258.1 miles
Volleyball Match Record: 5-4 (13-14 Game Record, 6th place regular season)
Fitocracy Level: 25 ID: disciplev1

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  1. Mom said

    I’m VERY glad you have a few happy memories of your first visit to Knotts and not just the scary ones..:O

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